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Ansys Inc, is a leading provider of development system and software solutions for the automotive, aerospace, defence, rail transportation, industrial and nuclear domains. Our technology enables organizations ― no matter their industry ― to predict with confidence that their products will thrive in the real world. Founded in 1970, Ansys employs nearly 4,000 professionals. Headquartered south of Pittsburgh, USA. The company has more than 75 strategic sales locations throughout the world with a network of channel partners in 50+ countries.

More information: www.ansys.com

Main activities
• Simulation of electromagnetic radiation (UV to IR)
• Evaluation and virtual validation of the system’s optical and electromagnetic performance
• Light modelling: automotive exterior and interior lighting, HUD, general lighting, visual ergonomics, human vision, AR/VR
• Photonics applications: datacom/optical transceivers, display technologies, quantum computing, image sensing
• Sensor technologies: camera, lidar, radar
• Multiphysics simulation coupling optical, electrical and thermal effects

• Sales of the software Ansys SPEOS, Lumerical, HFSS, training and technical support
• Consulting in simulation and R&D

Main areas of research and development
• Interaction between optical/electromagnetic simulations and FEM simulations
• Parameters for human vision for luminance
• Silicon photonics laser light sources
• Efficient coupling between silicon photonics circuits and optical fibers
• Design optimization techniques such as Photonic Inverse Design

Technology partners
PTC (CREO), Siemens (NX)

Current top technologies
Physics-based real-time simulation, human vision simulation, automotive sensor simulation, OLEDs, quantum computers, high-speed optical transceivers.


Managing Director
Christian Kasper, Regional Vice President, EMEA Sales

Ansys Gemrany GmbH
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