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ARGES develops and manufactures innovative beam deflection systems for the laser components market. Besides producing a highly versatile range of standard scanning systems, the port-folio of services offered by ARGES also includes the development of special solutions and complete OEM laser subsystems for the integration into laser processing facilities.

Fields of Activity
•    Development and production of beam deflection systems
•    Laser material processing
•    Development of laser-assisted manufacturing processes
•    Materials Sciences
•    Sectors: industry, medical technology and the research and development sector

Range of Services
•    Development of tailored customer- and application-specific solutions in the field of beam deflection
•    Laser subsystems for the integration into laser mashines
•    Technology advice, pilot studies and application tests

Research & Development Activities
•    Development of high dynamical, low drift beam deflection systems
•    Synchronization of the scanning system with external axis and sensor systems
•    Measurement technology for process-relevant parameters

Special Equipment
•    Application laboratories, equipped with a wide range of laser beam sources and beam delivery systems
•    Positioning systems for microstructuring applications
•    Materials Sciences Laboratory with microsection preparation facilities, optical microscopy, SEM and EDX

Current State-of-the-art Technologies

•    Microstructuring subsystems for industry and medical technology
•    3D-Laser-Remote-Applications
•    Laser-drilling with negative taper
•    High-speed-precision-welding


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