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Chips 4 Light GmbH based in Etterzhausen, Germany, is specialized on the development of high quality customer specific optoelectronic solutions and the distribution of LED chips of various sizes and colors.

Fields of Activity
•    Industry
•    Medicine

Range of Services
•    Distribution of lasers and LED chips (270 to 1600 nm)
•    Customized LED and laser solutions
•    Photodiode and phototransistor chips
•    High flux LED
•    Measurement of LED chips
•    Characterization of laser diodes

Research & Development Activities
•    Miniaturisation
•    LED with special forms of emission (e.g. circular or rectangular emission window)
•    LED with high radiant pulse power
•    LED of different wavelengths

Special Equipment
•    Chip-on-board prototype production
•    Measurement station for LED chips
•    Measurement equipment for lasers

Technology Partners
Cree Inc., OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Light Avenue GmbH

Current State-of-the-art Technologies

• Red and infrared 10° LED
• Point source LED (blue, green, red)
• White LED chips
• High power lasers


Dr. Wolfgang Huber

Chips 4 Light GmbH
Nürnberger Straße 13a
93152 Etterzhausen

Tel.: +49 9404 / 96 36 870
Fax: +49 9404 / 96 36 876