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G&H provides innovative and enabling technological photonics solutions to the aerospace & defense, industrial, life science and scientific sectors based on acousto-optics, fiber optics, electro-optics and precision optics.

Main activities
• Acousto-Optics (including RF Electronics) and Electro-Optics
• Crystal Optics and Precision Optics (Aspheric, Planar)
• Fiber Optics (Active and Passive)

• Optical engineering from prototyping to volume production
• Components and Assemblies
• Photonic solutions for harsh environments

Main areas of research and development
Leadership of / partners in the following FP7 projects: ISLA, HALO, MINERVA and SYDDARTA.

Current top technologies
Coating, Crystal Growth, Photonic Packaging, Superpolishing


European Sales Director
Dr. Ekkehard Overbeck

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Dowlish Ford
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Tel.: +49 8152 3961702