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Hembach Photonik GmbH is your partner for the development of illumination, sensor and imaging optical systems and supports you with optical design and analysis services, optical software, and training.

Based on the long-term experience of our staff members, we develop products from feasibility and concept studies, optimization, tolerancing and stray light analysis to the virtual prototype and support our customers until series-production readiness.

Our main software product is RayJack ONE®, a multi-purpose non-sequential ray-tracer developed by Hembach Photonik. It is a full-fledged optical design and analysis tool, especially suited for design of non-imaging optics, such as illumination and sensor systems, and for stray light and performance analysis. It offers innovative techniques for radiometric calculations and stray-light simulations, and an unparalleled toolbox for optical analysis.

Main activities
• Stray light analysis for precision optical instruments, mostly for space applications
• Design of illumination and sensor systems
• Applications of light scattering
• Optical software development
• Sales and distribution of optical software

• Optical design and analysis
• Software sales, technical support and training
• General training courses about light scattering, radiometry etc.

Main areas of research and development
New algorithms for optical simulations, such as differential ray-tracing

Special equipment
Goniometer for measurement of scattered light (BRDF, BTDF, volume scatter)


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