HOFBAUER OPTIK Mess- & Prüftechnik offers products for the measuring and adjusting of optical components and mechanical elements as well as calibration, measuring service and training courses.

Main activities
• Angular measuring technology
• Technical optics, optical metrology, charaktaristical data of optical material and optical elements
• Auto collimation techniques, interferometry
• Measurement techniques in position, straightness, flatness, pich and yaw, squareness, parallelism and alignment.
• Centration measurement of aspheres
• Reverse Engineering

• Measuring Service, test and calibrating, trainings
• Optical Measuring devices for laboratory and production measurement technology
• Development in optical metrology and optical design with tolerance simulation

Main areas of research and development
• Optical angular metrology
• Automatic opto-electronic alignment telescope
• Centering measuring technology
• Aspheres measuring technology
• WiPoVi®, DaOS, Shape measurement of large components

Special facilities
Index table for angular calibration with resolution 0.01 arcsec, accuracy < 0.5 arcsec, ELWIMAT® and ELWIMAT_AKF, Electronic autocollimator ELCOMAT 2000 with resolution 0.01 arcsec, accuracy < 0.1 arcsec, Polygon (12 x) for calibration with accuracy < 0.2 arcsec., Measuring traverse for very large mirrors

Technology partners
University of applied sciences Deggendorf with TCT Technology Campus Teisnach,


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