IMMO Photonics
IMMO Photonics

Since 1992, we have been developing new and innovative components and modules for numerous customers stemming from various technological areas. From measurement technology and analytics, biophotonics and medical technology, ranging all the way to optical data transmission and security technology – our products are in use in many areas of industrial production.

Our strength:
Customer-specific solutions in the areas of photonics, lasers, fibre optics, sensors, precision engineering and electronics.

How you benefit:
You concentrate on your own development - IMM Photonics supplies you with tailored optical and optoelectronic components and modules, ranging all the way to complete systems.

Main activities
• Laser and LED technology
• Optoelectronic
• BioPhotonic / Life Science
• Photonics solutions
• Fiberoptic

• Development and production of laser diode modules and fiber coupling
• Distribution of laser diodes, UV LEDs, lenses, opticals, optoelectronic components and fiberoptic couplers and splitters
• Visual fault locators FIBERPOINT® and brand cleaner
• UV light sources for the curing of UV adhesives
• Customer specific production and order production

Main areas of research and development

• Beam shaping for laser diodes
• Customized fiber coupling
• Laser diode and LED based systems

Special facilities
Beam analysis equipment, optical evaluation software, 3D construction software, cleanroom class ISO 6

Technology partners
Seoul Viosys, HOYA, Tower Optical, iC-Haus, VIAOPTIC, Iridian Spectral Technologies, GenUV, Texas Photonics, QD-Laser, Eblana Photonics, US Conec, Anteryon, Union Optronics


Managing director
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Raith, Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Raith

IMM Photonics GmbH
Ohmstraße 4
85716 Unterschleißheim

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