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IPACON Technology was founded in 2011 and is located in Etterzhausen close to Regensburg. It offers consulting and development services in the field of LEDs and optical semiconductors. We provide fast and competent support by long year experience in LED backend technology, helping our customers to balance quality and costs and keeping their timelines.

Fields of Activity
•    LEDs, optical sensors and photomultipliers
•    Lighting, medical, automotive and aerospace applications
•    LED manufacturing

Range of Services
•    Solving reliability problems of LEDs and optical semiconductors
•    LED development support focusing on packaging technologies and phosphor conversion
•    Subcon screening for LED components and auditing

Research & Development Activities

•    Optical encapsulants and packaging materials
•    Novel packaging technologies
•    Silicone and glas optics

Special Equipment
Electronical / optical test lab

Technology Partners
Chips4Light, Shin-Etsu Organic Electronic Materials, APIC Yamada, ADY


Managing director
Dr. Bert Braune

IPACON Technology
Nuernberger Strasse 13 a
93152 Etterzhausen

Tel.: +49 9404 95 39 714
Fax: +49 9404 96 36 876