Lightconsulting is a strategic distribution partner of Gaggione SAS Optik and Polyrise SAS Coating, and so familiar with the most innovative optical and coating technologies in the lighting industry. Gaggione has been developing and producing standard and customized optical components for the automotive industry, medical technology or sensor technology with stateof-the-art plastic injection molding technology in PMMA, PC and silicone for more than 40 years, while Polyrise specializes in the development of unique sol-gel coatings.

Main activities
• Optical design and production
• Unique sol-gel coating

• Custom optical solutions and individual toolmaking
• Dip coating, spray coating or spin coating for improve optical transmission and visual comfort

Main areas of research and development
• Development of optical components
• Development of coatings for optical surfaces

Special facilities
• All relevant test equipment for metrology and quality assurance
• Injection molding machines


Managing director
Angelika Aigner

Lightconsulting GmbH
Kreuzstraße 7
83355 Grabenstätt

Tel.:  +49 (8661) 983 44 77