Light Tec is an engineering company providing optical design tools and connected services.
For more than 10 years Light Tec has been providing cutting edge tools for cutting edge optical design. During this time, more than 2000 companies purchased design or measurement tools from Light Tec.
Light Tec provides a wide range of optical simulation software covering illumination design (LightTools, Lucidshape), imaging optical design (CODE V) and micro and nano photonics (RSoft).

Fields of Activity
•    European distributer of SYNOPSYS software packages LightTools, Lucidshape, CODE V, RSoft
•    Distributor of optical software packages TFCalc (thin film design)
•    Providing comprehensive technical support and trainings in and English, German, French and Russian language
•    Developer of scattering measurement equipment (REFLET, Mini-Diff) and providing measurements as service
•    Engineering service provider in the area of optical developents of imaging and non-imaging systems

Range of Services

•    Software support and software trainings
•    Surface and volume scattering measuremts (BRDF, BTDF, TIS)
•    Optical developments as service provider

Research & Development Activities

•    Scattering measurement equipment (REFLET, High Specular Measurment System, Mini-Diff)
•    Measurements and optimization algorithm for volume scattering materials

Special Equipment

•    REFLET Bench, Goniometer
•    High Specular Measurment System
•    Integrating Sphere with diameter up to 1.2m
•    Video Photometer


Managing Director
Yan Cornil / President

Light Tec GmbH
Pelkovenstrasse 143
80992 München

Tel.: +49 89 5790979-12
Fax: +49 89 5790979-99



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