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Messe München is one of the world‘s leading trade-fair companies. It organizes more than 50 own fairs for capital and consumer goods, as well as new technologies. LASER World of PHOTONICS is a global trade fair network for the laser and photonics industry and its users.

Topics - Exhibition Segments
• Innovative photonics: Lasers and optoelectronics; Manufacturing technologies for optics; Optics; Sensors, test and measurement
• Industrial applications: Biophotonics and medical engineering; Illumination and energy; Imaging; Lasers and laser systems for production engineering; Optical information and communication; Optical measurement systems; Security
• Congress topics: Lasers and electro-optics; Quantum electronics; Biomedical optics; Optical metrology; Lasers in manufacturing; Electronic imaging; Manufacturing of optical components; Digital optical technologies; Optofluidics;  Optical quantum technologies; Imaging and Applied Optics
• Application-oriented program: Advanced laser and light generation, Biophotonics and medical applications, laser systems for production engineering, Optical metrology and imaging, Photonics 4.0, Optical quantum technoloiges

The global network of LASER World of PHOTONICS
LASER World of PHOTONICS is the world‘s leading trade show for the laser and photonics industry and is held every two years in Munich. The accompanying ‚World of Photonics Congress‘ conveys comprehensive knowledge and current trends of the latest technological developments and applications.
The LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA and the LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA are leading regional trade fairs for optical technologies and are staged annually.With about 2,400 exhibitors and 98,000 visitors in Munich, China and India, Messe München is the world’s leading trade show organizer for lasers and photonics.

Technology Partners
bayern photonics e.V.; European Optical Society (EOS); European Physical Society (EPS); IEEE Photonics Society; Biophotonics Research Program; Laser Institute of America (LIA); OptecNet Deutschland e.V.; Spectaris e.V.; The Optical Society (OSA), SPIE Europe; VDI TZ; VDMA; German Scientific Laser Society (WLT)


Deputy CEO
Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer

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