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Multiphoton Optics GmbH offers with its 3D Printing Platform LithoProf3D® a universal tool for the high precision fabrication of structures with a broad degree of freedom in processes and material choices as well as fabrication strategies (machine- and exposure driven), providing highest throughput in prototyping and production phases. Surface parameters can be adjusted by choice with lowest roughness values. Different tasks can be simply executed in one packaging process: optical interconnects can be fabricated next to in-/outcoupling structures such as (freeform) microoptical elements. Monolithically integrated microoptical elements can be serially or parallel produced analogously to (freeform) microlens arrays. The latter can be also used to create masters (Ni shim, polymer mold) to even more upscale the production process for imaging, illumination, and other fields where photonics packaging is required. The modularly built 3D printer platform LithoProf3D® offers nearly no restriction in sample formats and kind of substrates – simple integrable, highly flexible fabrication processes for Production 4.0 with industrial scale throughput, cost savings, and less consumption of resources.

Main activities
• High-Precision 3D Printing
• Optical interconnects / packaging
• Aspheres and freeform optics
• Biomedicine / Life Science

• Custom-designed equipment
• Prototyping and small series

Main areas of research and development
• Optimization of processes
• Data transfer
• Application development

Special facilities
High precision 3D printer, special analytic

Technology partners
Industry, institutes, and universities

Current top technologies
Manufacture of arbitrarily shaped 3D free-form surfaces and structures over several orders of magnitude, particularly of optical interconnects and micro optics.


Managing director
Dr. Ruth Houbertz, CEO

Multiphoton Optics GmbH
Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15
97076 Würzburg

Phone:    +49 931 908 792 00
Cell Phone: +49 170 79 89 186