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(c) Novanta GmbH
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Novanta develops and manufactures laser-based solutions ranging from single components to complete subsystems. Our solutions and expertise enable applications such as micromachining, converting, additive manufacturing, eMobility, medical, microscopy, marking/coding and many more.

Main activities
• Laser sources from our brands Synrad and Laser Quantum
  - CO2 lasers ranging from 5 W up to more than 1000 W (both cw and pulsed)
  - Continuous-wave lasers in the visible wavelength spectrum including single-mode fibre coupling at high power levels
  - Ultrafast lasers (ps- and fs-pulses, incl. CEP stabilization and frequency combs)
• Laser beam steering from our brands Cambridge Technology and ARGES
  - 2D-scanheads, 3D-scanheads and customized scan systems (with up to 8 axes)
  - Galvanometer and polygon scanners and components
  - Control boards and software
• Sub-systems: Combined laser beam steering and laser sources tailored to customers applications

• Free-of-charge feasibility and performance tests with customer provided sample materials (on-site at customer, in our application labs and now also remotely)
• Technical service center for service and repairs

Current top technologies
• Emobility manufacturing equipment and processes, including battery production
• Life science and medical applications with special focus on microscopy
• Integrated Additive Manufacturing beam steering solutions
• Micromachining and high-speed-precision welding, including laser drilling with negative taper and probe card production
• Digital converting


Robert Buckley, Gerald Nastran, Andreas Gatterer, Martin Hartmann, Thomas Grebert

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