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OPTIS is the world leading software editor for the scientific simulation of light and human vision within a Virtual Reality Environment. Its solutions allow designers, ergonomists and engineers to simulate and optimize lighting performance, product appearance as well as the visibility and legibility of information on Human Machine Interfaces, in a fully-immersive environment.

Fields of Activity
• Light Modeling - Simulation of Optics and Photometry
• Visual Ergonomics: Simulation and representation of visual ergonomics of Human Machine Interfaces like i.e. cockpit and display systems
• Virtual reality - Life-like representation of scientific simulated systems in immersive platforms taking into account measured material parameters and human vision
• Real-time rendering for lighting design concepts and driving simulation
• Tolerance analysis in the earliest design phase
• Real-time full-body tracking to carry out incorporation studies and for training purposes

Range of Services

• Sales of the software SPEOS together with engineering services, training and technical support
• Consulting in simulation and R&D
• Sales of measuring instruments for physically correct identification of material and surface properties
• Measurement of optical surface and material properties as a service
• Sales, training and technical assistance in virtual real-time rendering, driving simulators and virtual training

Research & Development Activities

• Parameters for human vision for luminance
• Interaction between optical simulation and FEM simulation
• Measurement systems for the measurement of optical parameters

Special Equipment

OMS2 portable System to measure BRDF as OMS4 laboratory system to measure BSDF and volume scattering

Technology Partners

Dassault Systems (CATIA V5, SolidWorks), PTC (CREO), SIEMENS (NX)

Current State-of-the-art Technologies

Human Vision Simulation, Physics-based Realtime Simulation, Full-Body Tracking


Managing director
Jörg Mayer/Jacques Delacour

OPTIS Germany GmbH
Stefan-George-Ring 29
81929 München

Tel: +49 89 / 309040-560