OptoSigma, a subsidiary of SIGMAKOKI group, possesses more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing high quality optics and Opto-Mechanics. Thanks to the extensive ingenuity, it develops high-quality products, available for every customer globally. The Opto-Mechanics portfolio consists of a wide range of products such as motorized and manual stages, optic holders, optical tables, and nearly all complimentary products for benchtop and commercial photonics applications.

Main activities
Design, development and manufacturing of optical components, optical assemblies and opto-mechanics for R&D in industrial and academic markets, and commercially for OEM’s. Custom manufacturing and build to print on a regular basis.

Services and capacity
• Opto-mechanical and optical components
• Development of standard and custom optical devices
• Manual and motorized stages from micrometer to nanometer precision

Main areas of research and development
• Modular optical tweezers
• In-house development department for optics and optomechanics
• Vacuum piezo actuators

Special facilities
• Near-field light etching machine for high polishing quality
• Clean room facilities to assemble components in a controlled environment

Technology partners
Phaos Technology, Asphericon, Yamamoto

Current top technologies
• In-house design and objective development
• Production of super polish substrates to Angstrom levels
• Highly automatized production of manual and motorized stages


Area Sales Manager
Axel Haunholter

OptoSigma Europe SAS
Fuerstenrieder Strasse 279a
81377 Munich

Tel.: +49 151 1230 1488