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Plöckl GmbH & Co. Industrieoptik KG
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Since 1978 Plöckl GmbH & Co Industrieoptik KG has been developing and manufacturing optical sensors and components for industrial measurements. Furthermore we offer comprehensive solutions for the design and integration of machine vision systems.

Fields of Activity
•    Development and serial production of  optical systems for particulate monitoring in harsh environments
•    Layout and design of optical and mechanical prototypes and small series.
•    Optical design of non-imaging systems
•    Development and integration of user-specific machine vision systems

Range of Services
•    Development and serial production of optical sensor components
•    Production of opto-mechanical components
•    Manufacturing of prototypes and  made-to-order parts
•    Optical engineering of illumination optics   
•    Consulting, layout and integration of machine vision systems  

Research and Development Activities

•    Optical sensors for ambient air monitoring
•    Micro-optical sensors
•    Optical  sensor components for the measurement of particle concentrations

Special Equipment

3D-Computer-aided manufacturing, electrostatic protected area, temperature test facility,  raytracing software

Current State-of-the-art Technologies

Optical sensors for transmission and scattered-light measurements in industrial environments.


Managing director
Dip. Ing. (FH) Manfred Plöckl

Plöckl GmbH & Co. Industrieoptik KG
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83627 Warngau

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