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QUBIG GmbH was established in 2008 by two young researchers in quantum optics to make sophisticated tools and novel technological developments of fundamental research labs available to a wider community. With strong ties to international research institutes and the scientific community Qubig provides important technological transfer and is up-to-date on modern trends and applications. Based on 15 years of technical know-how and practical experience in laser optics, high-frequency technology and mechanical design Qubig strives to develop and manufacture dedicated, application specific products of highest quality.

Main activities
• Development and manufacturing of high-Quality electrooptical modulators (EOM) for free-space lasers and special phase- and amplitudemodulators
• Application specific EOMs for Laser/Cavity frequency stabilization (PDH lock), laser spectroscopy, laser cooling, and spectral broadening
• Compatible RF drivers based on DDS: stable, flexible and targeted for applications like laser locking, as well as suitable photodiodes


• Resonant, tunable and broadband EOMs in the kHz - GHz frequency range tailored for laser locking and spectroscopy with short lead times
• High power EOMs for intense lasers with large aperture and high optical damage threshold, e.g. for spectral broadening
• Custom specific development of EOMs, e.g. for UV wavelength, temperature stabilized models, fiber coupled models, etc.

Main areas of research and development

• High-frequency technology and new electro-optical materials
• Novel electro-optical devices

Special facilities
Optics and HF-technology lab, mechanical workshop, CAD

Technology partners
ETH Zürich, QSIT, University of Cambridge, Schäfter+Kirchhoff, Photline Technologies

Current top technologies
Highly Efficient and Double-Resonance EOMs, Spectral Broadener


Geschäftsführende Gesellschafter / Managing Directors
Dr. Enrico Vogt

Qubig GmbH
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81541 München

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