Since 2005 qutools develops and manufactures high-precision time and distance measurement systems for industry, research and education.
Our demonstrators in quantum optics are designed to deliver hands-on experience for educational purposes. Many of the basic properties of the quantum world are only taught theoretically. We want to change that. The DIY design of the science kits allows for improved and modern teaching for experts and students, as well as for laymen.
Time and length measurements on the nano and pico scale become more and more important. We see ourselves as partner on all levels in development and customization of such devices. We deliver, support and improve high-precision equipment for research and development in modern industry.

Main activities
• Time-tagger for TCSPC, biophotonics, quantum optics, LIDAR
• Optical distance measurement with nanometer resolution
• Quantum science kits for education

• Customization of measurement configurations
• Design of measurement systems
• Workshops and training courses

Technology partners
• n-Hands GmbH & CO. KG
• MIT – Made in Thüringen GmbH

Current top technologies
• Time tagging with picosecond resolution and detection rate of up to 100 Mcps
• Absolute distance measurement on the nanometer scale
• Laser-based coordinate measuring machine with target-tracing
• Source and demonstrator for single and entangled photons


Björn Habrich

qutools GmbH
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