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Schleifring GmbH with production plants in Fürstenfelbruck and Kaufbeuren and subsidiaries in Chelmsford (USA), Newbury (UK) and Tianjin (China) is a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of slip rings for the transmission of power, data and media with focus on technologically advanced, customized solutions.

Main activities
• medical technology
• wind power
• radar and surveilance
• automation
• defence

• slip rings for contacting signal and power transmission
• rotary joints for non contacting signal and power transmission
• fiber optic rotary joints for Multimode and Single-Mode fibers
• integrated slip ring systems using different transmission technologies
• rotary joints for liquids and gases
• custom designed configurations: miniature slip rings, disc slip rings to the point of large free inner bores

Main areas of research and development

• increase of the lifetime of slip rings by using of new materials and contactless technologies
• transmission of higher data rates
• contactless transmission of electrical power
• increase the channel count and improve the optical performance of fiber optic rotary joints

Current top technologies
• contactless data transmission up to 14 GBit/s per channel
• contactless power transmission from 50W to 200kW
• fiber optical rotary joints for 60 Single-Mode fibers


Stephan Bode, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Heun, Andreas Schott

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