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Sill Optics is one of a few medium-sized companies in Germany, which has specialized in the production of optical components of highest quality. Its philosophy: “100% Made in Germany”. Best quality manufactured in-house. 240 employees work with Sill Optics.

Main activities
The production includes a wide range of lenses and complete systems for the following branches: Laser and photonics, machine vision and optical measurement, illumination and medical technology.

Services and capacity
• 1400 precision lenses with various diameters from 4 mm up to 300 mm are produced daily
• Illumination lenses with diameters up to 650 mm
• Special material with sizes up to 1.5 m can be handled with optical quality as well
• Precision aspheres up to Ø 200 mm
• Assembly capacity of 30.000 parts per year

Main areas of research and development
• Own development department
• 3D design of mechanical and lenses
• Development of lenses and optical subassemblies
• Customized solutions
• Participation in various research projects

Special facilities
• Latest CNC technology
• 193 machines for production of lenses, housings and tools
• AR-Coating of optical lenses
• Cleanroom assembly

Technology partners
High-power lasers

Current top technologies
The MRF technology allows the production of precision aspheres as well as surfaces with an accuracy of less than λ /10 under controlled conditions.


General Manager
Christoph Sieber

Sill Optics GmbH & Co. KG
Johann-Höllfritsch-Str. 13
90530 Wendelstein

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