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Sill Optics represents quality and innovation in the field of photonic technologies. Sill Optics is internationally known as a specialist for customer-specific product developments. In addition, Sill Optics  carry a high-quality range of portfolio products.

With highly qualified and motivated teams, the company has the flexibility to create photonic solutions in a targeted, efficient and economical manner for our customers.


Main activities

The production spectrum covers a wide range from the production of lenses up to complete systems for following applications:
• Laser technology: Industrial material processing, e.g. micromaterial processing, additive manufacturing
• Imaging optics, e.g. industrial metrology, quality assurance
• Medical technology, e.g. microscopy, analytical technology
• Science and research, e.g. trapped-Ion lenses


Development and production of
• Spherical precision lenses
• Precision apsheres
• Low absorption coatings
• Mechanical components
• Optomechanical components
• Electronics

Technology focus

• Optical and mechanical solutions in high end applications
• Alignment turning device
• High precision assembly
• Optical thin films and absorption measurement devices
• MRF technology


Managing Director
Christoph Sieber

Sill Optics GmbH & Co. KG
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