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Sill Optics represents quality and innovation in the field of photonic technologies. We have made a name ourselves internationally as a specialist for customized product developments and standard solutions. Today we are one of the leading companies in this branch.

With highly qualified and motivated teams, we have the flexibility to create photonic solutions in a targeted, efficient and economical manner for our customers.

Main activities

The production spectrum covers a wide range from the production of lenses up to complete systems for following applications:
• Laser technology: Industrial material processing, e.g. micromaterial processing, additive manufacturing
• Imaging optics, e.g. industrial metrology, quality assurance
• Medical technology, e.g. microscopy, analytical technology
• Science and research, e.g. trapped-Ion lenses


Development and production of
• Spherical precision lenses
• Precision apsheres
• Low absorption coatings
• Mechanical components
• Optomechanical components
• Electronics

Technology focus

• Optical and mechanical solutions in high end applications
• Alignment turning device
• High precision assembly
• Optical thin films and absorption measurement devices
• MRF technology


Managing Director
Christoph Sieber

Sill Optics GmbH & Co. KG
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