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Simuloptics GmbH is your partner for optics development.The company specialises in providing engineering and analysis services for optics and lighting technology.

Fields of Activity
• Non-imaging optics (illumination systems design, sensor systems)
• Simulation of light scattering, straylight analysis

Range of Services
• Development, simulation, analysis and optimization of optical systems
• Training on optical design, based on many years of experience with the optical software ASAP® in all fields of application
• Comprehensive design services from concept studies to virtual prototypes
• Baffledesign, BSDF model fits

Research & Development Activities

• Tailor-made software both for extending the capabilities of ASAP, and for standalone optics applications
• LED projection technology
• Optimization methods

Special Equipment
Powerfull software for optics design and analysis – ASAP


Managing director
Eberhard Lange

Simuloptics GmbH
O´Brien Straße 2
91126 Schwabach

Tel.: +49 9122 83 03 00
Fax: +49 9122 83 03 03