SPINNER is one of the leading manufacturers for high performance rotary joints worldwide. In particular fiber optic rotary joints require a high quality optical and mechanical fabrication environment. This qualifies SPINNER as integral supplier for fiber optic rotary joints. We provide the precision mechanics and all the optical parts from a single source. Beyond this, SPINNER can offer combinations of fiber optic rotary joints together with RF rotary joints, non-contacting power transmission modules, slip rings, media joints or non-contacting data transmission.

Fields of Activity
• radar and air traffic control
• space  
• communication
• industry
• wind power
• medical
• offshore and deep drilling technology

Range of Services
• provision of L-shaped fiber optic single-channel rotary couplings for single-mode configuration
• provision of single channel fiber optic rotary joints, in multimode, singlemode or large core fiber configuration
• mulit channel fiber optic rotary joints, in multimode and singlemode configuration
• high precision adjustment and assembly of opto-mechanical components in clean room environment
• integrated fiber optic slip ring systems
• electro optic signal conversion systems for rough environmental conditions
• RF rotary joints and media rotary joints for cooling fluids and gases
• design of customer-specific hybrid rotary joints, combining optical, RF and media rotary joints with slip rings

Research and Development Activities
• optical rotary joins for rough environmental conditions and high rotating speed applications
• application of special fibers for tailored optical components
• automatizaiton of high precision adjustment of optical components
• inductive and capacitive transmission of electrical power, RF and data

Technology Partners
OTH Regensburg, University of Applied Sciences


General Manager
Stephanie Spinner-König,
Katharina König

Erzgiessereistr. 33
80335 München

Tel.: +49 89 12601-0