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SUSS MicroOptics SA is a world-leading manufacturer for high-quality micro-optics and micro-optical systems.

Fields of Activity
•    Micro-optics
•    Illumination, micro-cameras (WLC), fiber coupler, laser beam shaping, metrology, medical, ...
•    Wafer-level packaging (WLP)

Range of Services

•    Micro-optics (design, development, manufacturing, packaging, testing)
•    Micro-optical modules and components
•    Illumination systems for lithography, laser, led and solar

Research & Development Activities
•    Micro-optics
•    Illumination
•    Metrology

Special Equipment
8‘‘ wafer fab for microoptics

Technology Partners

FhG-IOF, FhG-IISB, FhG-IZM, FhG-IPT, Univ. Erlangen (Optik), Bayerisches Laserzentrum BLZ, FH Vorarlberg, EPFL Neuchâtel, CSEM, GenISys, Reinhardt MicroTech (RMT), SUSS MicroTec AG, TU Ilmenau, Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH, Cornell University, ITRI Taiwan, ...

Current State-of-the-art Technologies

Micro-optics, fiber coupler, diffractive beam shaper, microlens homogenizers, ...


General Manager
Dr. Reinhard Völkel (CEO)

SUSS MicroOptics SA
Rouges-Terres 61
CH-2068 Hauterive

Tel.: +41 32 566 4444
Fax: +41 32 566 4499