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The Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC develops optical technologies and technologies for the manufacturing of optical components. Thereby, it focusses on synthesis and development of novel, superior optical materials as well as their processing.

Main activities

  • Research and development of novel optical materials, such as inorganic-organic hybrid polymers for additive manufacturing and lithographic technologies
  • Process development and process cost development
  • 2D and 3D patterning of optical materials from mm scale to nm scale Services
  • Tailored development of optical technologies (materials and processes) in cooperation with customers (contract research)
  • Development of optical components
  • Licencing
  • Additive manufacturing of (micro)optical components and other 3D structures

Main areas of research and development

  • Developement of optical materials with optimized refractive indices, high transmission, adjusted thermo-optical coefficients, mechanical properties and aging stabilities
  • Development of materials for additive manufacturing with novel functionalities (electro-optical properties, composites with (optically) active and passive nanoparticles)
  • Manufacturing of spherical, aspherical or free-form optical patterns on any kind of substrate and at any desired position for light guiding (waveguides) and light management (in- and outcoupling)

Special facilities
Cleanroom incl. UV lithography, UV embossing, 3D printing, Two-Photon Polymerisation patterning, printing processes (inkjet) as well as R2R processes

Technology partners
Optical industry, chemical industry, research organizations and universities

Current top technologies
High refractive index inorganic-organic hybrid polymers, Two-Photon Polymerization patterning, high resolution analytics of materials and patterns


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sextl

Fraunhofer ISC
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