The Kempten University of Applied Sciences is an important cooperation partner for regional and national industry. The competences in the field of photonic technologies and industrial image processing are distributed among several faculties and laboratories, are incorporated into teaching, and form a basis for applied research.

Main activities
• Optical Metrology and Sensor Technology
• Industrial Image Processing and Computer Vision
• Optics, Lighting,  and Optoelectronics

• R&D-Projects
• Consulting and Feasibility Studies
• Seminars and Trainings
• Training of Students
• Student Projects and Final Theses
• Cooperative Doctorates

Main areas of research and development
• Optical Metrology and Machine Vision for Inline Inspection of Manufacturing Processes
• Miniaturization of Optical 3D Metrology

Special facilities

Laser line sensors, structured light 3D-scanner, 3D motion and deformation sensor, time-of-flight sensors, light field cameras, optical and confocal microscopes, calibrated spectroradiometer, integrating sphere, dark room with 6 m optical bench, characterizing of cameras according to EMVA 1288 standard

Technology Partners

Industrial companies e.g. from the machine tool industry as well as research institutions in the above-mentioned fields of technology

Current top technologies
Inline measurement of cutting surface parameters within a punching process


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