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The Faculty for Applied Sciences and Mechatronics (06) of the University of Applied Sciences Munich is active in teaching and applied research in photonics, laser technology and science. Our master programs are “Photonics”, “Micro- and Nanotechnology” and “Mechatronics”. Due to our high-end equipment, we are a competent partner for applied research and related services for industry, medical partners and science.

Fields of Activity of the Individual Laboratories
• Lab. for Photonics (Prof. J. Roths): Design and manufacturing of fiber Bragg gratings (FBG), FBG sensors
• Lasercenter (Prof. H. P. Huber): Micro- and nano processing with femto-, pico- and nanosecond lasers, laser structuring of solar cells, cutting, engraving, marking, welding, temporally and spatially resolved ultrafast microscopy, simulation of laser-matter-interaction
• Lab. for micro systems technology (Prof. Christina Schindler): Fully equipped clean room for silicon micro technology
• Lab for multiphoton imaging (Prof Hellerer): label-free imaging of biological samples with ultrashort laser pulses)
• Lab. for lighting engineering (Prof. I. Nikolaus, Prof. M. Fickenscher): Optics design, Light measurements

Research and Development Activities
• FBG sensing
• Laser processing with ultra-short pulse lasers with a focus on thin-film systems
• Research and simulation of transient states of matter during laser-ablation with time-resolved ultrafast microscopy
• 3D structural information of living cells/tissue

Special Equipment

Confocal microscopes, electron microscopes, multiphoton microscope, Ultrafast pump-probe microscope

Technology Partners

InnoLas, MLase, Thorlabs, High Q Laser, Menlo Systems, TOPTICA Photonics, Laser Components

Current State-of-the-art Technologies
Laser nano processing system, femtosecond and picosecond lasers, FBG inscription system, atomic force microscope and multimodal imaging


Prof. Johannes Roths, Leiter Labor für Photonik
Prof. Heinz P. Huber, Leiter Laserzentrum Hochschule München
Prof. Hellerer, Leiter Multiphoton-Imaging-Labor

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