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Deggendorf Institute of Technology and its IPH / Technologie-campus Teisnach is an important cooperation partner for the optical industry, as it focuses on competently answering all queries concerning the manufacturing and measuring technologies for optical components.

Main activities

  • Manufacturing technology:  Grinding, polishing, corrective polishing and precision molding
  • Measurement:  surface shape, roughness, wave front, development of sensor technology
  • Process technology: Removal mechanism, development of tools, coolant, clamping technology, evaluation development of machine components, data handling


  • Interferometry, white light interferometry, laser vibrometer, digital microscope, tactile and non-tactile shape measuring, dynamometer, Calotest
  • Feasibility studies, prototype and sample production of complex surfaces, grinding, polishing and finishing
  • Development of tools and processes
  • Development of surfacing and measuring methods for optical components, optical and opto-electronical sensors

Special facilities
Specialized modern technology is used for production and measurement of high-precision optical freeform surfaces.

Technology partners
Universities and industrial enterprises in the field of optical production and measurement.

Current top technologies

  • Magnetorheological finishing
  • Ion beam finishing
  • Ultrasonic assisted grinding
  • Aspherical and free form measurement
  • Micro topography measurement with white light-interferometry
  • Digital microscopy
  • Stitching interferometer for moderate aspherical shapes
  • Highly accurate areal tactile measurement of free-form surfaces

Gerald Fütterer, Prof. Dr.
Rolf Rascher, Prof. Dr. -Ing.

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