Online Seminar: Understanding Optics for Imaging and Machine Vision

This seminar aims at providing attendees the necessary background to fully understand data sheets of imaging lenses. The fundamental parameters of an imaging system and their relationship are presented first, followed by a discussion of how the F/# is related to Depth of Field, Relative Illumination and Resolution. Last, we will discuss that MTF curves are a great tool to compare the image quality of different lenses – but we will also discuss what MTF curves cannot tell you.


  • Fundamental Parameters of an imaging system:
    Field of View, Working Distance, Focal Length
  • F/# vs. Depth of Field, Relative Illumination and Resolution
  • Contrast and Resolution: Understanding MTF Curves and their limitations

This seminar is presented in co-operation with Edmund Optics GmbH.

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The starting time is 5:30 pm (CET, UTC+1).

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Target group

This seminar is for people dealing with optics for machine vision systems on a regular basis – who feel like they would benefit from a more solid understanding of the terminology and specifications they encounter comparing lens data sheets. The overall goal is to enable participants to make intelligent decisions when selecting the optics for a machine vision system. This course is also of interest for electrical or mechanical engineers working in the R&D department of a vision-related company. The same is true for people working in purchasing or quality departments who deal with imaging optics on a regular basis.
You can participate this online seminar at any kind of knowledge stage and learn more about everything from the basics of imaging optics up to understanding MTF curves.

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10.11.2020    17:30 Uhr - 19:30 Uhr

Dr. Boris Lange, Edmund Optics GmbH


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