Workshop Flat Panel Displays – Basics and Applications

The workshop is aimed for beginners, and decision makers in the areas of engineering, R&D, product development, purchasing, production, sales and marketing, who want to better understand the world and fundamentals of displays.

The 1-day event is a best practice workshop with focus on applications rather than physics and chemistry. The fundamentals of various display technologies and related areas are tought.

The workshop is dedicated to the basics of electronic displays. Deeper knowledge about displays is not required. It is ideal for newcomers to the display industry and for management that wants to get an overview of the field of electronic displays.

The Topics of the Workshop are:

  • What is a display?
  • Fundamentals of LCD, OLED, E-Paper
  • Fundamentals of Optical Measurements ("data sheets explained")
  • Fundamentals of Display Electronics and Interface
  • Introduction of Touch Screens

The Workshop will be led by

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach
Pforzheim University
Information Technology
Tiefenbronner Straße 65
75175 Pforzheim

For further information, please see the invitation.



Please send your application using the registration form by email to Anita Wedel: secretary(at)

Registration Deadline: August 20th, 2019

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