About us

bayern photonics e.V. is a regional cluster and supports especially research institutes and companies from the
branch Optical Technologies with the aim of generating and developing regional cooperation inside the network

bayern photonics focuses on the following technological fields of activity:

  • Optical technology for industrial production
  • Lighting
  • Laser technology
  • Life science / biophotonics
  • Sensors & metrology
  • Optical technology for information and communication
  • Optical design
  • ...et al.

Following an initiative of the Federal Research Ministry, the bayern photonics e.V. was founded in 2000 as a regional competence network for optical technologies. By now it has become an established part of the cluster landscape.

Since the foundation in 2000, the total number of members increased nearly tenfold and has expanded to
about 80 partners until today.

bayern photonics is a member of OptecNet Germany. This federal association of innovation networks for optical technologies ensures the networking of contents on a national level.

Nationwide, about 500 partners joint one of the regional clusters Optical Technologies.